Über uns

"A house is not a home until it has a dog!"
(Gerald Durell)

We are Andreas and myself, Beate, our Gordon Setters Louis and Jason and last but not least my mother -devoted dogsitter!

We own a rather big piece of land (10.000m²) on the countryside that has the enormous advantage - from the point of view of our dogs - that pheasants, herds of deer, rabbits and a wild goose couple, returning every year, cavort directly in front of their noses - just as setters love it. Paradise on earth for (hunting) dogs, leaving no time for any dull moments!

Louis introduced us to the wonderful breed of Gordon Setters, we soon wanted to improve our knowledge which led us to wonderful Jason, adding more life to our pack!

I would have never thought that any other breed than a Cocker Spaniel could ever win my heart!

Incredible life hacks for dog owners

You have a dog, but that is not it? You feel like it can be more interesting for him and for you too? Or you have problems with your dog you don't know the solution for. If so, then feel free to read the text below, because it will help you for sure.

If your dog eats too fast, put a ball in his bowl on top of his food. It will make him eat slower and he will love it. To keep the dog food fresh don't keep it in the bag, pour it in a plastic holder. It will also be much easier to pour it in the bowl and it will keep the food fresh for days.

If your dog is always losing a lot of hair then it might be a health issue, but also buy a squeegee. You will be able to easily remove the hair from your carpet using it. If your dogs loves to give you kisses, and you love it also, but his breath is really bad, then put fresh parsley in his food. It will make his breath fresher and it is also healthy.


**Nationale Zuchtschau Rheinberg**

Schöner kann unser Ausstellungsjahr nicht beginnen ...

Jason hat heute von der Richterin Alenka Pokorn aus Slovenien in der Offenen Klasse ein V1 und die Anw.Dt.Ch.(VDH) bekommen und hat somit auch alle Voraussetzungen für den Titel

Wir sind mächtig stolz auf unseren kleinen Engländer, der nun für kurze Zeit mit seinen großen Kumpel Louis zusammen in der Championklasse starten darf. Louis wird sich dann aber ab Sommer in die Veteranklasse verabschieden. Wie doch die Zeit vergeht!!!!