Ways to be a responsible dog owner

Not every dog breed can give you what you want, but you can give your dog everything he needs very easily. Not every dog breed has the same needs, but all of them need love. Some of them don't get overly excited, but you should know that they can feel everything you feel for them.

Love is the most important thing

If you have a puppy that you need to take much care about the food you give it to eat. The nutrition is really important at an early age for every dog breed, but many, as Labradors, need special nutritious food for their whole life in order to stay healthy. Be careful while choosing the food, because, as with human food, there are many producers that don't actually care about what they will sell you as dog food.

Spending a lot time with your dog is also important. It doesn't have to be hours every day, but even 10 minutes devoted only to your dog every day will make him feel special and will make him be more excited and happy. Buying them special toys and even expensive ones won't make them happy unless you play with them. Go out as much as you can and let your dog explore the world, go to parks and even go swimming with your dog, because it will make his day special and you will also realize how more interesting it can be with your best friend.

Besides good food, and time devoted to your dog there are not much more things you can do for him. Many dogs need to be taken more care of or even to take a bath every day, but you must already know that. Please realize how important your dog is to you while he is alive, because one day he will go.


Alcohol, onions, garlic, sugar, mushrooms, peach and chocolate can kill your dog, so be sure to put them out of their reach. If your dog has problems with their tummy, then make them a meal using chicken and rice. They will find it delicious and it will help their digestive system. And learn the language of your dog, it will help you understand what he wants to say and it will also help him get what he wants.

If your dog needs to take medicine than make pill pockets out of flour, peanut butter and milk. Put them in your fridge and when you need the dog to take its medicine just put the pill inside it. He will think it is a delicious snack.